Future business opportunities

Future Business Opportunities

Future business opportunities – From time to time the development of technology experiences a significant upward trend. It is possible that there will be an effect on human daily work.

There are a lot of job shifts that didn’t exist before but are now there. And vice versa, in the past the work existed, now it is almost non-existent.

For example, there was no job as a digital marketer in the past. This is because digital developments bring humans to automation systems to facilitate their daily work.

Meanwhile, jobs that used to have a high risk, such as earth digging to make tunnels, have now been replaced by machine work and robotics.

For this reason, humans must always be ready for changes that occur in the technological aspect. If we are not aware of these developments, it is likely that our work will be replaced by machines.

In this article, we will discuss jobs that are likely to increase in demand in the future.

Future work ideas :

1. Digital Marketing

This work is not limited to internet marketing. More than that, the job of a digital marketer must be able to process and develop digital sources of income, such as websites, social media, short messages, email marketing, and branding.

The burden and the company’s income target are on the shoulders of a digital marketer, so this job must have skills, analyze, write, code, and design photos and videos.

Even though the digital marketing work field actually has several positions below it. However, it is still in one marketing division. Try learning basic digital marketing skills such as SEO, SEM and Webste.

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2. AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Artificial intelligence is currently getting more and more development. The development of machine learning such as in the fields of industry, health, education, and the military. AI is the basic language for commanding a machine or robot

AI is basically to help humans manage machines. With the help of coding logic from AI makes machines learn certain cases. For example, a car can run or park by itself without a human role.

You can learn about AI through simple applications such as python as well as other coding applications such as very basic c++ and java languages. Or you can take coding classes to take on the task of developing artificial intelligence.

3. Data Scientist

Data processing in the current era is very important, and becomes a future business opportunity. Because everything is connected to data, and each individual has their own data. Since ancient times until now data is something that is valuable from an institution, business or country.

Data processing can be useful for marketing products and services, such as knowing demographic data, psychographics to potential locations to market a company’s products or services.

Becoming a data scientist is quite tempting for you. Because people who are able to process data and translate it into new insights, of course have high fees. Every big company needs this skill.

Almost the same as AI, data scientists use basic applications such as excel or python. Processing excel and python formulas is a fundamental data scientist. To be able to process data you must also be a careful person.

4. Chemical Formulator

The chemical industry has progressed quite rapidly. Future business opportunities as a chemical formulator are needed. Imagine, currently many pharmaceutical industries are developing medicines to the fmcg industry which is developing cleaning products.

All these industries are primary needs. So, start directing your kids to learn chemistry. Or you can invest in developing a chemical company, hiring smart people to create chemical solutions.

5. Industrial Designer

A designer at this point is a person who designs or plans the development of buildings, layouts, machines, to the shape of vehicles. All related to physics.

You can learn apps like autocad or sketchup. The application is very rarely proficient people use it. So the opportunity to compete in this field is quite high.

Fields of work for this designer can be in mining, construction, machinery to the manufacture of aircraft. Of course you have a great opportunity to get an infinite salary.

That’s an explanation of future business opportunities. You can get new inspiration by reading our other articles : 44 Passive Income Ideas to Increase Your Wealth

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