Online Marketing Ways for business

Online Marketing Ways For Business

Online Marketing Ways For Business – Doing business is an activity that can generate profits and future assets. Doing business can also be an interesting and fun main job.

This business activity will be interesting if you get a lot of profit so you can develop a bigger business.

To be able to develop a business in need of several strategies. One of them, marketing strategy by way of online on the internet.

Before we learn how to advertise on the internet, we must understand the fundamentals of offline and online marketing. The function of marketing is to bridge between consumer needs and solutions from the products we have.

In offline marketing, many aspects can be touched, such as feeling, touch, smell, and other physiological and psychological aspects.

Offline marketing is also a form of conventional marketing that online marketing practitioners should not forget.

In line with the above aspects, online marketing must also touch the human senses through images, copywriting, audio, and video.

There are many online media that we can use as a means to convey messages that trigger these psychological aspects so that people are moved to make decisions, namely to buy our products.

Before we describe the platform, we will discuss the psychological aspect of a person in digesting information.

How To Make Online Marketing According to Audience Interest

Reading Interest

People with an interest in reading usually have a high level of education, as in people born before the 2000s.

Which is this generation, they grew up in adolescence who spent a lot of time in the school library. Moreover, at that time, there were not many internet media.

So that we can touch people with a high reading interest, of course we create ad texts that are able to generate imagination about the information we want to provide.

Some copywriting formulas that are quite powerful are prioritizing benefits without leaving the person’s habits. For example, “want to lose weight without having to give up snacking”.

From these sentences, people who read can immediately pay attention to find out more than what the product has to offer.

In a sentence, we can give a simple analogy to touch the logic of thinking from the reader, such as “building a business without capital is more fun than having to stock goods”.

Visual Interest

People with visual interest are right-brain dominant people. These visuals are not limited to words. However, it is also in the form of illustrations.

Many roles of an image designer to make the image has a clear flow and illustrations that can be digested. The ability to design images today can be done through image creation services or learning from simple tools, such as Canva and Adobe Express.

We just need to know the desire of the audience and translate it into an illustration image. For people who want a high position, we can provide illustrations of people who are supporting a character.

In another example, if we want to advertise for a culinary audience, providing pictures of fresh and full-frame foods can add to the taste of people who like food.

However, if we want to convey a business offer, it is better to provide illustrations in the form of successful people holding money or successful people who are traveling the world.

This visual interest is certainly inseparable from audience segmentation and audience demographics. How they spend their time living in what kind of climate and what their education is like.

One of these visual interests would be appropriate to use as a form of our efforts to attract potential customers who like the visual field such as generation Z and generation alpha.

Audio Interest

Audio is a means for humans to communicate through the auditory system. This auditory system is very close to the human brain, so that people who hear it will be moved according to the tone, intonation, and emphasis of the voice in certain sentences.

In marketing through radio media, audio advertising is a must to pay attention to. Because radio is a sound medium that has survived until now from the days of World War I.

Radio listeners are usually dominated by people who often travel by car and people who often stay at home.

Again, we must understand the interest of the audience to determine the right voice and emphasis on the right sentence, for example the emphasis on the sentence “Free!” , “Only today!” , “Last offer for you!”

Video Interest

People with an interest in video spend more time watching movies and listening to podcasts.

That way, we can represent one of their idols who is using our products/services.

The first step always departs from the interest of the audience in terms of hobbies and favorite shows.

To find out the interest data, we can conduct surveys with online media, such as Google or Facebook, and through offline media such as data from university student research.

After that, we determine what objects can represent their interests, idols, and hopes. So that we can make interesting video lines without them skipping watching.

In making videos, we can use video advertising services or use our own cameras, which we can edit the video results in the Adobe Premiere Pro application.

Pay attention to the highlights that are highlighted in certain parts of the video. Don’t forget the audio and text aspects of the video to increase the chances of our videos being conversions to sales.

Online Advertising Platform

Social Media Ads

These social media platforms have their own characteristics in Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and also other social media applications.

You can survey where your customers spend time on social media platforms.

If we imagine a car body care business, of course, people who own cars are the target of the business.

Usually, car users spend a lot of time on social media applications, such as tiktok and Instagram because cars are tertiary items that are worthy of posting pictures.

That way, we can target video ads, images and text descriptions to the target audience on tiktok and Instagram.

We can advertise through the dashboard on each social media including Instagram. Many of us advertise on Instagram through Facebook. Whereas advertising on Instagram directly can save advertising costs.


Another way for Online Marketing for Business is by marketing via Facebook. The Facebook platform is synonymous with people who have a penchant for discussing on a page or group.

Facebook users are more than other platform users. In fact, people born before the 2000s are more familiar with using this platform than other platforms.

That way, Facebook is more suitable for advertising audiences on property ads, vehicle sales, to local business services.


This social media tends to have a lot of users from generation Z and generation alpha. So that the familiar communication language is through text and visuals.

Business promotions that are suitable on this platform are culinary promotions, local business services, to promotion of training products. You can advertise on only one platform.

Make sure you have set their age, gender and exploration interest targeting. So that in terms of promoting more targeted ads.


The most powerful way for Online Marketing for Business today is through tiktok . because to be famous, it doesn’t need a hard effort, everyone is easy to be famous on tiktok.

This platform is relatively new in social media, but its development is very fast. Tiktok has quite a lot of fans, So the concept of promotion on the TikTok platform prioritizes fun, different things and follows the growing trend of postings.

In this social media, there is also a special advertiser dashboard for the audience of tiktok users. Although we can create ad landing pages outside of TikTok.

Search Engine Marketing Ads

Search ads are ads with search engines. Not only google that stands as a search platform. There are duckduckgo, yahoo, bing and many others.


The next way of online marketing for business is with google ads. When you are reading this article, you will almost certainly find it through the Google Website.

The world’s largest search site provides many promotional services, such as google ads, blog websites and business listings on google maps.

Start by creating a business profile on google maps. Then create a free live page through your business account on google maps. After that post whatever your products and services are.

If you have enough posts, try advertising using google ads, link ads from google ads to your business account on google maps. Do it slowly and learn tips and tricks to advertise on google ads.


Youtube is one of the search tools with video content. On technological developments in the 2000s. Youtube began to be known until its peak in 2015. Everyone is aware of being a youtuber who makes money through adsense.

But for you business developers, it’s a good idea to use this channel as a means of explaining and promoting your business through videos. Many people sell products through YouTube because it is more real in the explanation of the product in a video.

Start by creating an account and making simple videos. If you’re embarrassed by your facial expressions, try a video with your hands or a slide show explaining your product or service.

Use collaboration methods with other channels, provide unique topics that many people are looking for. Draft an interview, podcast or product review. Good luck!

Online Marketing Via Messenger

Messenger ads are suitable for any type of business. Many people offer their services through text messages. Either via DM Instagram, Linkedin to whatsapp.


On whatsapp, we can search for our prospective buyers through the number on google maps around us. Or we can search on the local marketplace site. There are many ways we can search the database of mobile phone numbers. As long as it’s in a legal way and sending a polite message.

Create a text template to explain who you are, what your business is and what you have to offer. Give the impression that touches personally, not impressed as a copy-paste robot. Send the message to a potential number. Give a pause every time you send a large number so that your number is not suspended.

Text Message

using text messages is not a complete way of online marketing for business. but this method can be tried. Almost the same as whatsapp messages, text messages can be used for people who have a cellphone number, it’s just that this method requires cellphone credit.

You can use text message marketing services through network providers in your country. They will send messages to potential numbers that match your business from the data they have.

Thus the Online Marketing Ways for business, you can read our other articles: 7 Offline Marketing For Local Business

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