Offline marketing for local business

7 Offline Marketing For Local Business

Offline Marketing For Local Business – There are many ways in offline marketing, we find many ways for people to advertise. Such as text ads on brochures, audio on radio, and video on digital billboards.

Before you find the right way, you must know the background or profiling of your potential customers. So that the advertising target becomes more targeted.

In this case, please make an analysis for your own business. Whether it’s a service business or a product business that has a different target audience.

Every business must start from consumer needs, consumer desires, and be able to touch the market according to the economic level of each consumer.

Offline Marketing For Local Business :

1. Attractive Brochure Ads

Brochure ads have characteristics that are easily spread from individual to other individuals. That way, the segmentation for this brochure promotion is more appropriate for people who are interested in reading activities.

Brochures will hit more quickly if added with before-after pictures or pictures that trigger someone’s desire. So that it can touch the reader with text and visuals.

The right business for brochure advertising is a local business that has physical stores, such as buying and selling vehicles, service businesses, and food products businesses. For that, analyze the needs of your consumers, what your customers want, and what makes them feel lucky.

Pour the results of your analysis into text explanations as completely as possible, including your address, mobile number, website and social media accounts of your business.

Then test the results of your design to the people closest to them, whether they understand the sentence you wrote along with the illustrations contained in the brochure.

That way, you can find out the response from a sample of your brochure readers. Also understand in terms of coloring, for example the color red can psychologically trigger attention and appetite.

At least your readers will be interested in reading after seeing the color arrangement and the main title on your brochure. To increase the reader’s opportunity, you can give it directly by introducing yourself well.

2. Stickers Can Be Advertising Media

The second offline marketing for local business is with stickers. This sticker has a small shape and can be affixed in places that are easy to read, such as food stalls and barbershops.

Creating attractive stickers does not need to use illustrated images such as brochures, you just need to include keywords, mobile phone numbers, and your business logo including social media addresses.

You can create variations of stickers with different words and different stickers, just make a sticker from the size of the palm of the hand to the size of 2 fingers.

This measure aims to place stickers in the right places, such as motorbikes and food tables, if the stickers are pleasing to the eye.

Divide the types of stickers into 2 types, namely branding stickers and keyword stickers. Branding stickers are more affixed to vehicles or public places where there are many visitors, don’t forget to ask permission from the vehicle owner or the owner of the place.

Meanwhile, keyword stickers are more suitable for public places such as on the roadside or near other product stickers in front of food stalls or supermarkets. That way you can take some of the attention away from other product stickers.

3. Good Billboard Ads For Local Marketing

This type of advertisement is usually ordered by entrepreneurs or business units that are already quite advanced, because the costs incurred for billboard advertisements are quite expensive.

Take restaurant advertising for example. Provide urgent/important information so they can immediately make a decision to visit your restaurant, such as discounts valid until the end of this month.

Then provide benefits that make them feel lucky, such as special prices for dining with family or special prices for your birthday. Also write down how much the discount is.

This billboard is almost like a brochure that can be inserted with illustrations, such as pictures of food or pictures of a restaurant that is busy with visitors.

You can put this billboard in a place that has heavy traffic, such as a red light (traffic light) and near a public parking lot. Also consider determining your customer segmentation, such as billboards in malls or billboards in traditional markets.

In terms of pictures, coloring and lighting, you can see references to existing billboards from abroad. They don’t just make the usual billboard designs. Foreigners actually compete to make attractive billboards, such as 3D billboards.

4. The Right Radio Ad

Radio is a local medium, which people can hear through radio connections in homes, cars and public places. So, you can imagine who are the radio listeners who are suitable for your buyer audience.

Radio is the right tool for local business owners, who have a lower to upper middle class target audience.

As an example of a car paint shop business, you can place radio ads from 12.00 noon to 17.00 pm, at which time people in the car play the radio to relieve fatigue.

Radio advertisements related to health and beauty products can be in the form of talk shows with experts that are broadcast at 10.00 am. And at dinner time too with the hope that people who stay at home can listen to the talk show according to their needs. For example housewives or parents who are retired.

For this type of audio ad, clearly describe where the potential customer will buy your product. And repeat the words over and over so that potential buyers remember and are encouraged to take action.

As an example, create a slogan ad that includes sound benefits, advantages, and urgency. The last one says where to buy the product, whether on the website or on the cellphone number. Make sure to pronounce the phone number or website slowly and with three repetitions.

Before you can do radio advertising, you must be part of a radio listener and you must follow at least three radio channels, in comparison and know what programs are on those channels.

5. Word of Mouth Advertising

Word of mouth advertising was the first advertisement in the world before the existence of print, electronic and internet media. For word of mouth marketing, you can use public speaking techniques and take advantage of networks.

Do you know? People’s decision to buy a product is influenced by a sense of comfort towards the person who promotes it, which is 80%. While the remaining 20% ​​is a decision because they need the product.

From the above statement, you can take advantage of someone’s comfort. Starting from what interests them such as their hobbies, work, and ambitions, talk about it so that they feel comfortable chatting with you.

Build rapport by keeping communication related to useful things like you sharing your insights, or you sharing opportunities that support the person’s ambitions.

After that, you can come up with topics related to your own business. Which you don’t have to offer them directly to buy your product right away. Do the need technique before offering a wish.

For example, that person’s ambition is to have a high income, you can offer a partnership business opportunity to that person without stock, your partner can get a percentage of the results of the orders that your partner gets.

This word of mouth advertising requires a good mental speaker as well as a listener who is not only profit-oriented, but must have sensitive feelings. If in psychology called extrovert feeling.

6. Direct Offer Letter Ads

The most effective offline marketing for local business is with direct offer letter advertising. Of course what we offer is your products and services to end users or business owners and governments. You just have to have a business license issued by the local authority.

This direct purchase means that you are making an offer by providing a proposal letter which explains the advantages of your product. Include the legality and official letterhead of your business.

However, you need to know that every individual or agency will like the benefits you provide. You can provide cashback and special discount discounts for assessors who purchase products.

That way the recipient of the letter will feel lucky to have met you. Before that you can make a special price so you don’t lose in direct sales to companies or agencies.

Create a direct offer concept outline according to your product segmentation target. For example, if you have a floor cleaning product, you can write a letter to all government agencies that might need the product.

Usually companies and governments will compare the quality and price with competing products. For that, also understand the profile of your competitors, both direct and indirect competitors outside your area.

That way you can determine a bid strategy that is suitable for each agency and company. For example the determination of size, material to the determination of margins. This is important so that you do not lose and they still benefit.

7. Collaboration Ads

This type of advertising is tantamount to a reciprocal offer. Where the client does not directly buy your product. But they offer your product/service to the customer client, and vice versa.

Look for partners or clients who have a customer audience that matches your custom audience. Even though the segmentation is different, the customer could be your customer.

For example, in your restaurant business that matches the audience with local local businesses. Such as selling clothes, cellphones, computers, etc.

Give cooperation offers to clients in the form of cross-selling cooperation. Displaying x-banners in the waiting room or cashier and also offering cooperation in exchanging discount vouchers.

Avoid irrelevant collaborations, such as cooperation between a beauty salon and a potato farmer. Although it is not a prohibition, it will not be effective in this less relevant form of cooperation. The way to make your offer great is to create a good and professional portfolio of your company.

Build integrity and create mutual trust prior to cooperation between the two parties. Conduct a survey of prospective clients on how they treat customers. As well as how you and your employees treat customers.

Don’t let the customer feel disappointed with the service you provide. Because, integrity and a good name are your initial capital in developing a business, including through cooperation. Don’t forget to prepare the legality of both your company and the client company.

Thus offline marketing for local business, all of the things above that dradsmedia can describe. . Do what’s best for your business and build integrity that keeps your customers loyal to your business.

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