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The Difference Between Selling and Marketing

The Difference Between Selling and Marketing – Those of you who are in the business world or those of you who work as employees of a company are certainly no stranger to the words selling and marketing. Between the two may sound the same, namely both increase sales.

A company will thrive if the sales and marketing teams are able to work together on the same goal. Not only compete with each other, they must be able to support each other’s needs.

Sometimes seles requires data from the marketing division for mapping locations and demographics. Vice versa, marketing will really need new customer data and old customers to be analyzed by the data analyst division.

Difference Between Marketing and Selling

There are several aspects that distinguish the two, when viewed from the point of view of how to achieve goals and work support media, between marketing and selling are very different. To understand the difference there are several aspects, namely:

How to Reach the Goal

Marketing always talks about sales concepts, sales strategies. How people can understand the product, who the buyer is, how the product reaches the consumer, and how the price and package are determined.

Marketing in achieving goals can be through digital means, such as SEO, SEM, Social Media Advertising, Market Place to B2B online marketing. Meanwhile, in the selling team, they have the knowledge and skills to become ambassadors for a product.

The selling team, they are more about carrying out sales strategies, meeting with clients and customers, explaining the product and giving demonstrations of how useful the product is. Selling is always related to clearly targeted direct sales.


The next difference is in the target. The marketing team has the main target of promoting the company’s products using various strategies that attract consumers. In other terms, brand awareness.

How the public can recognize a brand, both the sound of the slogan to the color branding. Then how do they maintain their position among competitors. Marketing is more about business development through collaboration to creating promotional content.

While the Selling Team, they achieve the target by direct approach to the customer. Both psychological and communicative approaches. The selling team always has a surefire way to attract potential customers.

The success of the selling team is almost always in the form of the number of sales, both in terms of product items and the amount of turnover that has been obtained in a certain period. This team almost always goes to the field to look for data to carry out sales strategies.

Main Tasks of Marketing

Market Mapping

Marketing has the task of mapping the market, including customers and their location. Mapping can be done through a CRM program or collect data on leads and prospects through advertising media.

The main purpose of mapping the market is to find out the right customer profile for our products / services. At the same time knowing the location of a strategic location for the growth and development of the company.

Doing Promotions & Budgeting

Developing a promotional plan and budget is a routine activity for a marketing person. Either imitate competitors, develop previous programs, or create new campaigns.

Promotion aims to find new customers or reach new audiences for branding development. Those who see a promotion for the first time are not always interested in buying, therefore promotional activities and the right budget is a marketing task.

Building Relationships With Customers

Good and sustainable relationships must be maintained from the company to customers, especially potential customers who buy our products / services in large quantities.

Make sure the marketing team has a program or system that allows CRM staff to send greetings or ask customers how they are doing. Those who send messages to customers must be friendly and polite.

Marketing On The Internet

Marketing doesn’t have to be offline. Currently there are advertising features from several online platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, tiktok to linkedin. This marketing can be in the form of posting activities or product/service discount programs.

Not limited to advertising, a marketer is able to arrange agendas, plans and concepts for themes in social media posts and websites. The plan must be conveyed properly to the relevant sections such as content creators or content writers.

Main Tasks of Selling

Delivering Promotion

Promotions that have been agreed upon by the marketing division must be conveyed through a salesperson. They will explain well to customers about ongoing promotions.

It is possible that the selling team will carry out canvasing to meet directly with prospective customers in a place or area. For example, exhibitions and markets.

Pay Attention To Product Quality

The selling team is the front line when the product reaches the consumer, before the product reaches the consumer, the selling team must know the quality of the product. As a material to communicate to prospective customers and as a team that maintains the integrity of the company.

Because, a quality is the main value that must be maintained. Without good quality, it will be difficult for the company to grow and develop. And no one else wants to cooperate.

Providing The Best Service

Consumers will contact the selling team if they are going to repeat orders. For this reason, providing maximum service is a form of dedication from a salesman.

In the end, it all boils down to the same goal, namely increasing sales. And the team will get a performance bonus from the increase in sales. The selling team is the vanguard of loyal customers.

Thus the difference between selling and marketing. If you are interested in our article, please read the other articles below.

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