How to Handle Customer Complaints

How to Handle Customer Complaints

How to Handle Customer Complaints – After using your product or service, consumers will feel a certain experience, some are satisfied with the product or service. Some feel disappointed and complain.

Consumers who feel this disappointment occurs due to a mismatch between expectations and reality. For example, the product you get turns out to be damaged, or miss communication from the customer service or waiter.

For disappointed customers, there are various responses, including silence and not repurchasing, complaining and getting angry directly, or getting angry on social media. The latter is very dangerous for the good name of the company.

Therefore, it is important to know how to handle these consumer complaints. The good news is that when customers complain, it means they care about your business. Don’t mind the way they speak.

We must immediately resolve complaints from customers if we want to win the hearts of customers back. Remember the story of Jack Ma who intentionally sent the wrong product, when a customer complained Jack Ma exchanged the item and provided maximum service.

Steps for Handling Customer Complaints

1. Make sure he is your customer

Greet him in a friendly manner and ask him to confirm the proof of booking, note or supporting photo. Make sure he is your customer and not a scammer or spammer. If he doesn’t have the evidence, try to find the customer’s data on your computer.

2. Accept Complaints Well

When you find out that he or she is your customer, try to accept the complaint regardless of who is right and who is wrong. Show empathy as if you are the customer.

Communicate well whatever he says remain patient and calm in responding. Everyone who feels lost will want to be angry and say rude, but you must remain professional.

3. Map Customer Complaint Problems

Sometimes, customers do not understand the SOP that applies in our company. Likewise, our own employees sometimes have not implemented the SOP. For that, map the problem starting from the regulations that apply in the company.

After holding these regulations, we go to customer problems, whether related to problematic products or problematic services. If it is related to the product, it is something easy, immediately replace it with a new product.

However, if the problem is service, such as delivery errors, delivery delays or poor service from customer services, it can be resolved by apologizing and giving gifts. Make sure to the customer that we will not repeat it again.

4. Immediately Handle Complaints Quickly

Every customer wants a problem to be resolved quickly, for example when they really need a certain product. Especially when they feel like they’re running out of time because the reality doesn’t match their expectations.

Create procedures for employees, if a customer complains, immediately resolve the problem. Only then can we establish good communication. if customer disappointment still exists, give a discount voucher or special gift product for that customer.

That way, our goal is for customers to forgive procedural errors from our company. Let’s not ignore customer disappointment, because they can be a big problem when they tell other people.

5. Give the Best Solution

Company policy is the key to handling complaints. Create a manual to solve this complaint problem. Make sure the relevant staff can apply the guidelines quickly and swiftly.

Remember, the customer is the number one for the company. Don’t let consumers be disappointed, run away, or even tell others about their bad experiences. Especially when it comes to posting on social media. It can be tricky.

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