How to increase Sales with CRM

How To Increase Sales With CRM

CRM is an acronym for customer relationship management. Which means managing customers who have purchased our products / services. What we manage and how to manage it, read on this article.

Customers are the essence of running a business, without customers, business will not exist. Both from new customers and old customers. While CRM will focus on managing old customers.

There are several types of customers, the first is end users, namely buyers who directly use our products / services. Then customer type partners such as distributors, agents and resellers.

There are also various marketing channels, such as business to customer, business to business and business to government. Each path has its own characteristics.

In this article we will treat our customers with CRM techniques. Where every customer has the same psychological needs. And all for the sake of increasing our company’s sales.

Increase Sales with CRM Database

1. Save Contact Number

Every time there is a number that comes into our personal cellphone, it is better to save the number. This is so that we can connect with the owner of the number, at any time the customer number is still available in our contacts.

Make sure these people also still keep our personal cell phone numbers. So that when we create a WhatsApp story or send important promo info, they will still know that it is from our company. It can increase sales through CRM.

2. Collect Data Samples For CRM

When there are leads from new potential customers over the phone, try to ask 3 questions besides their name. Such as location, daily activities and gender. This is to sort from where the location of the highest buyers and what their background.

You can also collect customer and prospect data using leads. That is sending a survey link via google form, then collect and sort according to the data you want to get. Such as psychographic data or demographic data.

The purpose of collecting data is to connect with customers, provide the latest promotional information, and learn effective marketing strategies according to their interests and backgrounds. Which backgrounds are really potential customers for you?

3. Giving Greeting Messages To Customers

In what occasions can we send a message to others? Everyone will be surprised when every day we give greeting messages, when we want to invite communication for the first time, at least say “hello” which makes the other person feel safe.

When you want to end the conversation, have a nice day , or today’s the weather is very good , or be careful on the way , and so on. Surely our interlocutor will mark us as polite in speaking.

Also pay attention to the sequence of sentences when we are responding to the other person, especially when our speech contains information. Prioritize customer convenience such as asking their progress after using our products / services.

We will not arrive at a conversation that makes the other person interested if the first message we say is too eager to sell. Because, the other person will feel uncomfortable if they want to continue the conversation with us.

4. Send Follow-Up Message

This point is specifically for potential customers who have not bought our products, give a follow-up message politely so that potential customers feel comfortable with our message. Similar to the previous point, but this 4th point focuses on the benefits when they buy our products.

Provide special discounts for customers who buy our products / services, such as free shipping or direct discounts. Give urgency why they should buy in the near future, because promotion time is limited or promotion quota is running out.

5. Invitation to Follow and Post Something

At least, invite them to follow our social media accounts. Such as Instagram, Facebook and websites. This will increase their chances of buying. Because, the influence of an interesting post will increase branding trust by potential consumers.

Give a polite invitation message, make sure they benefit by following our social media. Then provide interesting and informative posts. Share it as a carousel photo or testimonial photo.

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