Busser Job Description

Busser Job Description You Should Know

Busser Job Description – Looking for job vacancies to become a busser or busboy is a job opportunity that is still wide. He is someone who works as an officer who cleans tables and business equipment, usually a busser working in a restaurant or place to eat.

If you are interested in becoming a busser, this article will discuss how to become a professional busser by developing soft skills. Then what is the job description of a busser.

We will focus on the basics from the work of a busser to its development, because self-development in the service sector is very profitable today. Hopefully useful guys.

Busser Job Description

  1. Cleaning tables and chairs, arranging table layouts according to management directions.
  2. Bringing the customer’s dirty dishes to the kitchen.
  3. Reserving goods/products at the dining table according to management procedures.
  4. Sweeping the floor, cleaning up spilled food and mopping the floor.
  5. Cleaning dirty dishes, washing food utensils and making sure there is no food residue on the plate after washing.

Additional skills Of a Busser

  1. Greet each time you see a customer who comes.
  2. Have a seat and provide a list of food menus.
  3. Record the order and reconfirm the order.
  4. Provide a reference to the customer’s favorite food menu in general.
  5. Serving food and drinks according to customers who order.
  6. Give the bill when the customer wants to leave the table.
  7. Say thank you to customers.
  8. Ensure that the dining area of ​​the restaurant is always clean.
  9. Pay attention to the safety and comfort of customers.
  10. Assist the server in cleaning the front line desk.

Soft Skills Of a Busser

1. Customer Service

Sometimes buzzer doubles as a waitress, you must be able to work as a front liner, even though it is not your main task. Because, to be able to have a career in the service sector, you must have these skills. You will meet new things, especially people who have their uniqueness as our interlocutor.

Of course, at first glance it’s easy if you only see most of how it works, you only focus on answering customer questions. However, when you start working in the service sector, you will need a lot of working hours to be flexible and get used to speaking fluently.

For example, being friendly when dealing directly with customers, having a neat and clean appearance. Provide explanations when customers ask. Either by telephone or in person.

For that, you have to study each company’s products and services that you want to apply for. Show your strengths if you are able to work with a plus, namely basic customer service skills.

2. Communication

Communication with customers is one part of the service. Another important thing in communication is the coherence of our explanation of answering each customer’s question. You have to remember what the customer is asking.

In addition, our response to customers who complain must remain friendly and professional. At least trial and error in the field of service we need to know as well as possible.

Because of this communication, customers will feel satisfied or dissatisfied. Customers will respond well if we give them the response they need.

If you want to develop yourself, try not to be oriented towards money/earnings. Thinking about money will limit you from having good relationships with other people.

3. Be Polite

Attitude is the main foundation of a great person. Without a good attitude, there is no meaning of high knowledge, there is no meaning of a beautiful face. Someone will feel reluctant to deal with you.

On the other hand, if your attitude is that of a responsible, polite and chivalrous person, many people will respect you. Because a good attitude is a good self control too.

Whatever makes you angry and want to swear, try to control yourself. It doesn’t matter who you really are, if the role you play in your job is that of a good waiter.

Likewise, in working as a busser, politeness will increase self-worth. Both for customers and for your boss. Everyone would love to meet such a friendly person.

4. Physical Endurance

A fit physique is the initial foundation of how quickly you can succeed. To build a strong physique, there is a discipline that must be maintained, eat on time, sleep on time. Stress management is also a factor in physical endurance.

You will tire quickly if there are no vitamins in your diet. You will also get physically sick easily if you don’t sleep well enough. For this reason, maintaining physical endurance is a hallmark of successful people. Because, success always passes discipline and obstacles.

Thus we can describe about the Busser Job Description. If you are interested in reading our other articles please see below.

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