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Digital Marketing : Job Description & Job Specification

Digital marketing Job – is a new line of business since the development of internet technology. Which digital marketing work has the same goals as offline marketing. Namely making sales strategies and increasing sales turnover.

Digital marketing is more complex than just marketing a product. Many people don’t understand digital marketing, thinking they are the same as account administrator jobs. Yet they are different.

Actually, digital marketing is a division that oversees content creators, content writers, SEO, and customer services. In this article, we will discuss them one by one.

If you want to become a digital marketing expert, try learning the areas of digital marketing support. This job has many advantages, such as you can work from anywhere, because it uses the internet as a means of work.

Digital Marketing Area

1. Content Creator

It is a production house consisting of video content creators, image content creators, image and video processing designers, to article writers and copywriters.

2. SEO

Search engine optimization is the part that is responsible for improving the structure of the website to make it more responsive and attractive. In addition, increasing traffic visits is the main goal of an SEO, both through offpage and onpage.

3. SEM

Search Engine Marketing is a field of work that is responsible for increasing sales through advertising. In collaboration with SEO, an SEM builds a landing page and advertises it through Google Ads. The main goal is high conversion.

4. Social Media Specialist

The field of work that makes content creation plans, raises certain topics, conceptualizes images / videos, selects artists / KOL. They are responsible for uploading on a scheduled basis to ensure engagement and attention from the audience always increases.

5. MarketPlace Specialist

Marketplace specialist is a work position that handles every sale in the marketplace. Starting from uploading products, creating discount programs, live to increasing sales through advertising. Usually they handle all marketplaces.

Digital Marketing Job Description

1. Creating and compiling Key Performance Indicators for each digital marketing team.

2. Ensure that the digital marketing team runs KPIs well.

3. Determine the main goals for the digital marketing team. Namely conversion, engagement, and increased sales.

4. Make a strategy and help the team in achieving goals.

5. Reporting team performance results to superiors.

6. Evaluation and improvement of targets.

So about digital marketing, although each point looks simple, the process is quite complicated and requires high analytical skills.

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