the impact of war on the economy

The Impact of War on The Economy

The Impact of war on the economy have both positive and negative effects. However, economic resilience will be a major problem when some countries spend a lot of money on war.

We know war is the last resort of a country in defending its sovereignty. Although there are a few countries that use war as a means of buying and selling weapons.

In this article we will discuss the impact of war on the economy of a country, both attacked and attacked. Dr.AdsMedia in this case is neutral and supports peace in any country.

The Effect of War on The Economy

Food Crisis Due to War

What is the food crisis like? Generally, food during war is wheat, rice, fruits, seeds. However, during the war, there was a lot of environmental damage and diversion of resources. So food security began to decline.

Food is a basic need for every human being. The key to human survival comes from food. We know, only clothes as a blanket for our bodies, but not yet able to keep the body healthy. We need food.

Decreasing Purchasing Power

When there is a war, a lot of the budget is focused on the purchase of combat equipment, combat vehicles and rockets. From the government’s side, it is a wasted budget with a large amount.

From the other side, a country will have a bad impact on the investment sector. Which investors will not invest in a country at war.

In this situation, of course, people experience a decrease in purchasing power. This is due to reduced aid from foreign countries, investors withdrawing their funds, and hampered buying and selling activities due to the conditions in the war.

Raw materials are not distributed

Every country certainly has natural products or processed products to be sold to other countries. When the war broke out, many parties from other countries gave sanctions. Including export and import sanctions. Which hampers the distribution of these raw materials will make industrial activity jammed and increase the unemployment of a country.

Concerns that raw materials will not be redistributed make production needs in other countries unfulfilled. Moreover, these raw materials have a useful life. Of course it will make a product neglected. Welcoming the coming economic recession.

Finished Product Not Sold

It is the same with raw materials, finished products also experience a similar impact. Not only export products, but products that have been distributed in other countries are sometimes boycotted as a form of protest against war.

Losses due to this boycotted product made the company go out of business, and employees became unemployed. This cycle of disasters makes mankind even less logical.

Massive Budget

Funds for the military will be huge wasted and burned with fighter jets and rockets. What if the war occurred in a period of tens of years. You can imagine how much wastage occurred.

Not infrequently the country’s debt so swelled so that each country took the decision to borrow and buy war equipment. Then who will bear the post-war costs?

Losing Life

The lost life is only replaced with an honor. But all that remains is the ruins of destruction for the defeated nation. If a country decides to make peace, of course, not many lives will die.

Is it in the framework of the new world order, whatever it is, war is an arena to defend sovereignty. Even with the highest risk of suffering from defeat.

The Wisdom of a War

War is unavoidable in human history on earth. But if we choose the peaceful way to lower the ego, it will create economic prosperity for each country.

A peace agreement is a middle way to reach a peace agreement. So that the impact of the economic crisis can be avoided due to a large-scale war. That’s the impact of war on the economy. May our country always be at peace.

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