Automotive Business Ideas

Automotive Business Ideas

Automotive business ideas – Those of you who are interested in opening an automotive business must know a few things from this article. Because automotive is an industry that is almost never deserted.

Before that, at least you already have a basic foundation of knowledge about automotive, both from education, courses and relevant experience. If not, you must have a mentor who is an expert in his field.

Because, automotive is a technique that has risks if the person concerned does not understand the science of automotive engineering. Although the advantages of opening this business are very large. It’s commensurate with his knowledge.

Automotive Business Ideas

Buying and Selling Vehicles

Buying and selling used vehicles is a very profitable business. As long as you are observant in choosing a used vehicle that you want to buy and then resell.

Vehicles such as cars must be protected from porous bodies and leaking engines. After that you have to make sure the vehicle documents are complete.

Choose a strategic place, build a room or car park that is sufficient for car displays. List your business on a local marketplace. Advertise and post on social media.

Car Wash Business

Washing motorbikes and cars is still a profitable business. Because, not everyone has more time and energy to wash their vehicles.

You can set affordable rates, with faster service. Of course customers will feel happy and come back again. Also pay attention to quality, create a special SOP for your employees.

You don’t need big capital, you just need a special place to wash your vehicle. Make the floor uphill so the car can go up and you can clean the underside of the car.

Vehicle Engine Service Business

Everyone who owns a vehicle definitely needs this service, at least once for 1 vehicle. Moreover, motorized vehicles require oil and radiator changes.

This business is very good for those of you who have extensive knowledge of vehicle engines. It’s just that you have to choose complete equipment to look professional.

Separate the car repair shop and motorcycle repair shop, so that visitors can distinguish which place they should visit. From a technician’s perspective, it’s also better because every car and motorcycle has different parts.

Vehicle Body Repair Service Business

Car body repair services are a very profitable business than car engine repair services. Because the car body has a special price for painting skills, very few people can do it.

If you are interested in opening this business, make management first, prepare a place and hire people who can do car body repairs. While you are looking for customers through offline and online marketing.

However, you must pay attention to the health impact of employees and the environment. Provide a special mask for painting, provide a room that has a special air exhaust system. Keep the place of painting away from the neighborhood. You can choose environmentally friendly materials.

Car Dealer Business

This business is a collaboration between you and the vehicle company. You as a distributor or dealer where customers buy directly. Usually a new vehicle with 1 brand that you market.

Look in your area, do a survey, is there still a chance to open a dealer. For example, the absence of dealers for certain brands, high demand for certain brands in your area and no competitors.

That’s the article about automotive business ideas, you can see our other articles at the link below.

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