Passive Income Ideas

44 Passive Income Ideas to Increase Your Wealth

Passive Income Ideas – Passive income is income in the form of money that comes from your business, without active involvement. Usually, your efforts only occur at the beginning of building a business. Most passive income sources are through rental services to content monetization.

When you want to increase your income, building passive income is a great idea. Passive income can help you in old age, when you can’t be as strong as when you were young in making money. So start to build a side business that can increase your income.

Right now when you are in your twenties to thirties. Think about developing what can sell you from within, from what objects you have, and from what opportunities you can take advantage of. Struggling when you were young it will be a beautiful memory when you have been successful in old age.

Many on the internet discuss the idea of ​​passive income, you only need to determine one or two areas of business that you can focus on. Choose the business that is easiest for you to grow. Such as selling e-courses, or creating a blog that discusses solutive tips.

Do not run too much business without being consistent. Because, humans are only able to do one or two fields of business at first. You can build a new business again if you already have a successful main business.

Below you can see 44 passive income ideas. Hopefully you can be inspired and enthusiastic to build passive income.

Passive Income Ideas

1. Grazing Animals

Grass-eating animals can make you rich quick by their breeding. It is very easy to care for them, because their food sources are abundant in the natural world. You can take care of these animals in a cage where there is a lot of grass in the environment. These animals are like goats, cows and horses.

2. Swift’s Nest

Wallet bird’s nest is an ingredient for medicines to materials for food products. You can provide a place for wallet bird nests in Southeast Asia and sell it to European countries. This bird is very unique and does not require food. Only provide tall buildings

3. Animal Feed

When there are many livestock entrepreneurs in your area, this is your opportunity to become a livestock feed distributor. You can hire employees to continue to supply food for other people’s livestock.

4. Beverage Machine Rental

You can find these machines in big cities, places like supermarkets, airports and bus terminals are almost always available. Beverage machine rental is a collaboration between you and several beverage companies. In this case you only need initial capital in making the machine, then let the machine work for you.

5. Rent Your Car

You can rent out your vehicle for tourists or travelers who are in your city. Post your services in local market places. To keep your vehicle safe, install a gps tracker on your car and record proof of vehicle rental with a photo of the person who rented it and his identity.

6. Parking Space Rental

Parking rental is a very profitable business if your land is near a shopping center or entertainment center. Nowadays many people find it difficult to park if they visit a place with too many visitors. This is your chance.

7. Safe Rental

Safe rentals can be in the form of security tools, antiviruses, even rentals for storing valuable objects. You can buy safe boxes to security tools for rent at residential and office security.

8. Rent Your Bike

Rental of bicycles, roller skates or other non-motorized vehicles, perfect for students or tourists in a location. You can line up your vehicle in an attractive display area. Don’t forget to ask for collateral when they rent your bike.

9. Ad Space On Your Car

In a car, there is a rear glass, side body to the front hood that you can use as advertising space. Usually local businesses like Uber, or food delivery services need your space to advertise. Because their market is people who are in your area. Usually at a radius of 30 km.

10. Warehouse Rental

Large companies such as shipping services usually need a point warehouse to distribute their shipments, you can submit a proposal to the shipping service to use your empty warehouse as their point warehouse.

11. Renting Rooms / Lodging

This business is the easiest, you simply provide an empty room, or an empty house for travelers to stay. Use an online room reservation service. List your room in the booking application. Get passive income.

12. Generator Rental

Generators often work for companies that are building office buildings, or for temporary events. Usually companies that experience power outages need this generator. You can rent this tool and build passive income.

13. Projector Rental

Renting a projector sounds rare, but it’s a venture you can consider. This projector is suitable for students and office workers who work at home or in a special room. Buy some projectors and advertise for projector rentals in your city.

14. Billboards Rental

Billboards are offline advertising media that are still relevant today. Try to build billboards in high traffic areas. Provide good lighting and market the rental to large companies or to event venue services.  

15. Selling Server Hosting

You can create a hosting server by providing large storage space. Then you create a company to sell website hosting servers. Provide good and fast service to increase your passive income opportunities. We believe that this business still has great opportunities.

16. Selling Digital Products

Digital products can be in the form of learning videos for students, office employees and even entrepreneurs, also make a pdf version. In addition you can sell application licenses at retail prices. Currently digital media is a means of making a lot of money.

17. License Your Photos

You can license your photos on paid image sites like istock, shutterstock, canva etc. Many companies use paid images to make them look exclusive and original. Those of you who like photography can take pictures more professionally and conceptually to make it easier to classify the image categories.

18. Create Applications

Smartphone applications have now become the needs of every individual, grouping these needs based on their profession and profile. Such a special application for business and office accounting. Create and sell solution applications. Hard at the beginning, harvest at the end.

19. Selling Fast Moving Products

Fast moving products are the mainstay of entrepreneurs during times of crisis. Because this product is the primary product in everyone’s life. Such as cleaning products, skin care products and many others. Create markets and make products work for you.

20. Create Online Course

Your course product will sell well if you make it very specific. For example, you create an online course specifically for entrepreneurs. Make it in the form of video recordings, voice recordings or via conference calls.

21. Selling House Designs

You can create a house design exclusively according to the scale of the building. Also make a budget plan for building materials. Give a list according to the type of house. You can immediately sell the design and provide minor edits for each revision from the customer.

22. Publishing Books

Publishing a book is one of the requirements for a career in education, especially a lecturer or professor. However, you can create your own book of tips and tutorials based on your personal experience as well as expert opinion. Publish and market the book.

23. Creating a Physics system

System which means you as a design designer for equipment and automotive industry. You can make a prototype airplane wing or aerodynamic work system from a land vehicle. You can sell the concept to an automotive company.

24. Create a Local Marketplace Application

The local marketplace application will help entrepreneurs in the area. Such as buying and selling used goods, promotion of services and property. You will earn by membership and installing advertising features in the marketplace.

25. Open a Refueling Station

A gas station is a private business that can increase your wealth. Choose a potential location and away from competitors. Provide friendly and satisfying service. Every customer who gets complete place facilities will feel satisfied and happy.

26. Open Electric Car Charging Station

Almost the same as the previous point, for this field we think it is more profitable. Because in automotive development, many manufacturers produce electric cars that are more environmentally friendly. Although not many have used it, it has great potential in the future.

27. Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is the service of someone who helps sell products without stock. That is, when there is a buyer, that person will order the product according to the order without buying it first. This business is interesting, but you have to ask permission to help sell a product.

28. Consultant services Automatic

Create a paid forum or app that can answer every common question. That way you can sell the forum or application on an online platform or android application. This business is very rare, but very profitable.

29. Vehicle Ecu Remap Services

This service is available at a motorcycle or car repair shop. Usually those who want to improve the performance of their vehicle need this service. Especially for people who work as racers and vehicle developers. Just find the ecu data, save and upload it on the vehicle’s ecu.

30. Vehicle Engine Performance Checking Services

The service for checking the performance of a vehicle is usually called a dyno test. This tool aims to test the power, torque of the vehicle to the top speed of the vehicle. Usually automotive lovers who have modified cars need this tool.

31. Providing Tourist Spots

If you live in an area with beautiful scenery such as mountains, beaches and lakes, you can make interesting photo spots. It is enough to build a photo booth along with a place to eat, many people will come to capture the moment. Go viral.

32. Unique Art Place

Provides a place to view unique works of art or places with historical objects. You will earn from the retribution fee. People will feel enthusiastic if you complete the facilities with a place to eat and a photo booth.

33. Opening a Marketing Service

Marketing services are very strategic for you to make. Many of the small business owners who need this service. Even large companies to continue to innovate must require the role of marketing in its development. Start a marketing service business such as SEO and SEM.

34. Start Writing a Blog

The next passive income ideas is writing a blog. Blog is an online tool that contains articles, tips, tricks that help many people. You can list your services on the website or register with Google Adsense. You can get passive income from google adsense.

35. Start YouTube Channel

Same thing with creating a website blog. Youtube channels provide the same service, but with media in the form of videos. You can create unique and interesting videos. Because in general people will look for entertainment when opening the youtube site.

36. Licensing Your Materpiece

You can create works such as designs, words, logo, poetry, and anything that is intellectual property. Create as many works as possible and sell them to the right people. Such as artist, fashion designer or property developer.

37. Passive Income Ideas Become an Affiliate

Take advantage of your network, your website visitors, or your Instagram followers to promote other people’s products. You as an affiliate promoting other people’s products to your network. Create custom links or custom galleries for different product catalogs.

38. Create a Podcast

Podcasts are entertainment media that have been around for a long time, but now the development of podcasts can be done through YouTube channels. You can invite important people or entrepreneurs who have products. Those people will get exposure and you will get paid.

39. Partnership

A partnership is a business concept that seeks as many customers as possible, but you are not the owner of the business. You will get a percentage of money from the customers you get. What pays you is your partner company.

40. Endorsement

Endorsement at first glance similar to an affiliate. But both are different, the endorsement will get a monetary reward every time he posts on his social media. The product is a gift for the artist / endorser, and the product will get more attention from the artist’s followers and audience.

41. Influencer

Influencer can be a lucrative profession. Almost the same as the way endorsements work, influencers are more of a profession that spreads positive benefits for many people. For example a fighter to lose weight. From there you will get a lot of product marketing offers or become a brand ambassador.

42. Business Cooperation to Increase Value

The next passive income ideas for you as an entrepreneur is business cooperation. Big entrepreneurs will understand the title above. If the two products merge and collaborate, it means that there are two fans who will buy the product. It is possible to create new customers and increase market exposure. For example Oreo x Walls.

43. Build Brand Royalty

The most difficult passive income ideas is to build brand royalties. Creating a business with a franchise concept, you can develop your brand and make your business viral. Usually the food and beverage business is selling fast. After that you open up opportunities for other people to open new branches with your brand.

44. Dividend Investment

If you have fresh money and a lot of money, you can trust a small business to invest there. Make sure the business has potential and makes you profitable in the future. Each dividend, you will usually get a profit share once a year.

In essence, passive income is a series of businesses that look heavy at first. But in the end you will get the results in the form of money that continues to work for you. What matters most is consistency, not how much business you build.

Thus the article about Passive Income Ideas. You can check out our other articles at the link below.

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