How to Get Accepted to AdSense

10 Steps How to Get Accepted to AdSense

How to Get Accepted to AdSense – Creating a blog website is a fun and profitable activity. Although writing is a job that requires extensive knowledge and high concentration. Not many people can write. But that doesn’t mean you can’t create a website.

Nowadays you can find people who are experts in writing articles on freelance sites, and you can pay for the services of a web developer to improve and develop your website in a period.

If you can find it yourself, it’s better and more cost effective. It’s just that you need to be serious about developing a website to be successful quickly. Starting from the website structure, design, articles, and services available on your website.

Building a quality website requires consistency and time discipline. The Google search engine prefers websites that actively upload article content. At least once every 3 days you must upload article content.

Below we will tell you How To Get Your Website Approved for AdSense. For that, apply the steps below with pleasure.

How to Get Accepted to AdSense

1. Website Age More Than 1 Month

The age of the website is a factor that you should consider. When creating a website for the first time, you can improve the appearance, pages and navigation of the website. In addition to beautifying also to spend time until the age of the website is 1 month.

While waiting for the website to be 1 month old, you can create as many articles as possible. Consistency within 1 month is a tough thing for people who are not serious about making a website. Especially those who do not have enough knowledge.

When the age reaches 1 month or more, then you can register your website for Adsense monetization. This does not mean that this requirement is a must, but logically the age of the web under 1 month of content must still be small.

2. Complete the Website Menu

On a website, we must often find a menu button, which contains contacts, about me, to a disclaimer. It is these menus that you must complete so that the website clearly describes its purpose, owner, address and services.

Provide core menus such as a privacy policy that contains your web services and your compliance with applicable laws. In the privacy policy you are also willing to be responsible for the writing you make.

Another important menu item is an explanation of who you are and what you have to offer readers. Then the contact menu which contains the phone number and office address of your website.

3. Post More Than 15 Articles to Get Accepted to AdSense

Make article posts of at least 15 articles, if you have free time, sort the topic or article title first. First create the one you are most familiar with on the topic. Try to consistently write articles every day.

Group articles according to categories in the main niche of the website. For example, you have a website that discusses technology, create categories of relevant articles, such as gadgets, internet, science and so on.

Write a minimum of 500 to 700 words per article, but preferably more than 700 words. Write the title of the sub-headings that are sequential and clear logically. For example, if you discuss cool gadgets in 2022, it means that you can divide the subtitles according to the brand of Samsung gadgets, iPhone gadgets, etc.

4. Register Search Console

After you have a lot of articles, register your website to the google search console. Link the google search console tracking code on your website. There are 2 ways of linking, first with code snippets and second using dns on the hosting server.

Enter a sitemap in the search console to get your article posts on Google search pages. You can find out the index of your website by typing this in the google search box: “”.

If your article is indexed a lot on Google, you can already see the traffic on the search console page. Make sure the traffic is organic and increases quickly by sharing it on various social media.

Register of search consoles here :

5. Avoid Paid Traffic

When you build a website for the first time then you want to register on google adsense. You better use organic traffic to make your website look quality and have the potential to grow rapidly.

Paid traffic which means you advertise your website through google ads or facebook ads. Google will know where the traffic is coming from. That doesn’t mean you can’t advertise, you can link google ads with your website after you’ve been accepted into adsense.

The website will look quality with organic traffic which means many people are looking for topics / keywords that are relevant to the articles you write. Try to write a consistent niche so that advertisers are more targeted in advertising on your website.

6. Link Quality Backlinks

Another way to Get Accepted to AdSense is with backlinks. You can link external links to your website, which is called a backlink technique. Provide quality incoming links such as from facebook fanpage, linkedin, and google my business.

Backlinks are Google’s algorithm in measuring how important a website or article is. But you have to be careful if the backlinks come from bad sites. Like, adult sites, gambling, and criminal.

Good backlinks come from sites that have high domain authority, have topics that are relevant to the topic of your website, and these backlinks can support traffic to your website.

7. Increase Visitor Traffic

When you have passed the points above, starting from the index that has appeared in search engines until you have made a lot of articles. Try to pay attention to your website traffic every day.

Traffic must tend to increase every day so that Google judges your site worthy of partnering with Adsense. For that you must be diligent in sharing your article links on various social media and status/story short message applications.

By sharing your article links to social media it can help increase visibility in search engines. In this case, social media search engines and Google.

8. Send Request for Adsense

After you are sure that you have a website that is more than one month old and your traffic has gotten a lot of clicks, submit an application for ad serving to google adsense. You can submit an official application on google adsense.

By linking the tracking code from adsense into the website via the code snippet, you will get a notification that Google will review your site within a few working days. As this process progresses, you better focus on creating higher quality content.

Submit Adsense Request here : Register Adsense

9. Create Foundation Articles

The basic article is the main article whose keywords describe your website clearly. For example, if you have an electronic service, you must make a basic article with the nearest electronic service keyword in your city.

Basic content should be 1000 words or more. The longer and more complete an article, the more potential it will appear on the first page. on’t be lazy to make quality articles with 1000 words or more.

So you can increase the word count for your next cornerstone article. So that visitors get complete information, you can use this method to be quickly accepted by Google Adsense.

10. Share to Social Media

The last step, you have to link your social media profile with your website. Facebook has a tracking code called pixel, create a special fanpage for your website page and link the pixel code which you can find in facebook business manager.

In addition, you can also link to other social media platforms such as twitter, linkedin, pinterest, and google my business. Which, so that the structure of your website is more trusted in the eyes of Google.

Thus How to Get Accepted to AdSense. You can check out our other articles below.

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