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How to Grow Youtube Channel

How to grow youtube channel? How to grow a youtube channel from zero?

Youtube is a platform to make money. The basis you need to know to grow your YouTube channel is the knowledge and experience of other people. But youtube frees you to work, as long as you comply with the youtube community guidelines.

In general, youtube does not allow duplicate content, reuploaded content and malicious content such as crime and criminality. For that, prepare your own version of the original video. Start with your first one video, don’t have too many drafts.

Some of the works that you can turn into a video, you can adapt from other media information, such as websites and news on television as your YouTube content ideas. Whatever your niche, to become famous you have to connect your niche to the latest news that are hits.

For example, you have a cooking channel, then there is a hit news about someone’s wedding, Then you create content about cooking for newlyweds.

Youtube has a tagline broadcast yourself. Which means there is no special standard to become a youtuber. It’s just that to go viral, you need a mature concept and a solid team.

How To Grow Youtube Channel From 0

Building a youtuber from scratch is something that is possible, provided it is consistent and sustainable. This means that you don’t just make one video, and you can’t upload a video once a month. You have to be more diligent than that.

In addition to being consistent and sustainable. You have to know what other people are interested in, when you talk about what other people like, it makes you show up in search more quickly. You may be idealistic in creating content, but using other people’s interests is better.

In addition, consistency in determining your main niche is a fast way to success. Because you are nobody, it is impossible for others to find your name if you are not a famous person. People find you through the title and keywords you write down.

Imagine you are an Artist. Of course it’s easier for you to appear on people’s homepages, because you are a public figure. Imagine that you are an ordinary person, of course it is easier for you to come up with the topics you raise.

Then, build an audience with an attractive disposition. When you start building a youtube, make sure the spirit stays on fire. Because you are in the youtuber profession not as easy as other people’s stories.

In this article, we are here for you, helping you become a youtuber. In fact we will give you important tips. We are sure, even your favorite youtuber uses this method.

How to Build Your Youtube Channel

Here’s how to build a YouTube channel from Zero to get millions of subscribers:

1. Create Your Youtube Account with Google

Creating a youtube account is easy. Just set up a google (gmail) account. The gmail account will be connected to the youtube platform. Set up a name for your channel. Logo, banner design, branding colors, and main keywords to describe your channel.

2. Optimize your niche

Niche is a choice of topic scope in a channel or website. Niches help viewers know what you’re talking about on your channel. Avoid random niches for new channels, it will make it difficult for people to recognize your characteristics. Unless you are an artist, Just be free.

Examples of youtubers who have found their main topic, examples of niches as below :

  • Fashion
  • Culinary
  • Internet and Electronics
  • Family
  • Automotive
  • Games
  • Travel

How to bring it :

  • Tutorials
  • Review
  • Vlogs
  • Story telling
  • Podcasts

3. Define Your Audience

Audience is an overview of your audience. Who are they, how old are they, their gender and how do they behave. Avoid making videos that are targeted at children. Because, there are special rules for youtube kids that affect Adsense earnings.

4. Be yourself

For the first time you will be awkward and insecure. When you’ve made 5 to 10 videos, you start to discover your own personality traits. Create your signature opening, create a nickname for your audience. And define a custom clothing style to appear in each of your videos.

5. Find an editing style for your videos

Every youtuber has its own section of work, including video editing. In this section, give a touch of special editing for your channel. For example editing funny, cool or dramatic. It can match your niche. Even editing determines the image of your channel. Entertain or inspire.

6. Be consistent with your thumbnails

Thumbnails are the first determinant of whether your video is visually appealing. People will click on your video if you consistently show certain visuals on your thumbnails. For example, you display existing faces with words. Or you display a random image but with your channel’s signature style and font coloring.

7. Target Google Search (Seo, Keyword, etc)

Try to find what other people are looking for on youtube, that way you can represent what they are looking for. A special information, entertainment, or tutorial. You can use free tools like google trends or paid tools like tube buddy.

8. Promotion (Recommendation, Give Away, QnA)

When promoting a video you can recommend your other videos, create a series for your videos, hold give aways or QnA. But not limited to some of the examples above. You can collaborate and even advertise your videos.

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