How To Stop Watching Porn

How To Stop Watching Pornography : Save Your Brain

How to stop watching pornography – Watching pornography videos is a taboo activity, many even think it is a dirty thing. For those of you wondering how pornography got your attention. We will present it from a psychological perspective.

Pornography was originally a film industry that presented educational shows on how humans reproduce. However, errors arose when requests from viewers became increasingly distorted. Namely about sexual things that are beyond reason. Like making love to animals or committing violence by raping.

Many who experience sexual deviance stem from pornographyography addiction. Even in the world of work, they will not be able to excel. It could be because of the emergence of an obsession, or they have run out of time in surfing the internet before.

Effects of Watching Pornography Videos

The effect of watching pornography videos has many negative sides. Imagine if you have a daughter or a son who is diligent in watching pornography, of course you will be angry. If you are not angry and even bought a collection of pornographyographic videos since infancy, then you are mentally ill.

Your characteristics of disorder are when many people think it’s bad, but you think it’s good. Be alert, you are trapped in a vicious circle that wants to mislead you and your family. For that accept and admit your badness, then other people can help you. Don’t deny the truth.

Watching Pornography Damages the Brain

Your brain will be damaged in terms of way of thinking and mental. Even if it’s not visible to the naked eye. The characteristics of pornography starting to spoil your mind are, you can’t make decisions right away, you can’t focus for long, and you’re very slow to catch the conversation.

Hinders Achievement

Watching pornography definitely consumes a lot of time, internet quota, and consumes energy and reduces sleep hours. As a result, your performance at school and at work will stagnate and even drop drastically. especially if there is a task that you do not do. You might be fired.

Adding Sin

For those of you who study religion well, especially Islam. It is absolutely not permissible for someone to see the body parts of the opposite sex. This will add to sin, and sin will make you regret, regret will interfere with your activities.

How to Stop Watching Pornography

Here are the best steps to avoid and stop watching something that is not good for your brain.

1. Complete Stop

Quitting bad habits can be a total way. There are no staged events. Gradually it will only make you more addicted. Pay attention when you decide to stop completely, maybe you will be more calm and positive instantly. Do not ever come back.

2. Removed All About Pornography

Delete files that invite your bad lust. Remove bad site supporting apps. Unfollow accounts that you don’t deserve to follow. And for social media, try to like automotive, business or da’wah accounts frequently, so that your suggestions for exploring are healthier.

3. Avoid Alone

Loneliness only makes your mind travel. You will have a habit that you cannot resist yourself. Try to invite your friends to talk at your house. Or you go looking for someone to talk to. So that your brain generates new nerve stimulation.

4. Do Business Activities

Business activities make you think ahead, force your mind to be innovative and make a profit from your business. Because you will invest money and time in your business. Like it or not, you have to make a big profit.

5. Make Your Brain Worry About Sin

Life always goes hand in hand with religion. For example in Islam, sin becomes your shield not to do something that is forbidden. Be a human who is worried about sin, so that your behavior does not hurt others and does not hurt yourself including your eyes and brain.

How To Get Your Husband To Stop Watching Pornography

Here’s the best way to avoid your husband and stop watching something that is not good for his brain.

1. Hug Your Husband Often

Hugging your husband in a sad state can strengthen your husband’s mentality. Moreover, in a state of happiness, hugging can add to the feeling of love. When the husband is tired, hugging him will comfort his rest time. Don’t let your husband feel alone.

2. Don’t Use Harsh Words

Saying harsh words will make your husband hesitate to invite you to have sex. What they have is to vent by watching the bad video. Try to be patient, friendly and put on a sweet face when your husband is around. Happy or sad, watch your words.

3. Invite Positive Activities

Doing positive activities such as sports, playing games, doing outdoor activities such as holidays together that strengthens your attachment to your husband. It is the most beneficial for you and your family.

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